Sunday, June 12, 2016

Savour Each Bite

Starting is the hardest part. Whether it is getting fit, eating properly, learning a language, fixing a broken relationship, or breaking down the barriers that trap the world in Global Apartheid and Privilege. I love Tim Minchin's commencement address in which he talks about Micro-ambition. He says that we should make our goals tiny and achievable. Take a bite. I love John McInroy's focus on helping people who are helping themselves, not through charity, but by seeing the fact that they are already helping themselves. Recognising resilience as it already exists. Understanding the bites they are already trying to take.

We live in two worlds. The one in our heads and dreams, and the one that we experience. Both are illusions created by the way we understand things. The experiences we have had. The emotions we understand and the emotions we don't. There are inputs for us to expand these emotions and experiences if we are open to them. Look. Listen. Taste. Feel. Think. Love.

If we open ourselves up to other people, then I firmly believe we can start the work of building our communities. Then we will be able to savour more fully each and every bite we take.

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