Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Small and Tangible

The smallest country in the world by population is the Vatican City, with 451 people. China has a population of 1,386,923,384+. The World population is 7,497,007,539+. Dunbar's Number is a theory that we can maintain stable relationships with about 150 people. Despite effort, I have to admit that my '150' are probably mostly very similar to me... and they definitely don't live in one country. It is comfortable to spend time with people I share common ground with. That isn't good enough. Most of the people in my bubble are fine. They may grumble, but we like grumbling. 7.5 billion becomes too abstract to think about. I want to intentionally figure out how to put names, faces and relationships to 150 that make the issues more tangible. I am over the grumbling. I want to crack on with micro-ambitious goals. Small, achievable goals that add up.

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