Thursday, November 23, 2017

At Scale

'Big Solutions' take a lot of people agreeing and a strong vision of where the destination is. Bringing empowered people along with you is difficult at scale. Like herding cats, getting a bunch of strong-willed individuals to 'get on board' requires top-down control, and (strength to unsustainably overcome un-)willing followers. Complete individuality doesn't scale either. We have to cooperate given we don't live on desert islands by ourselves. There is a middle ground. Voluntary Association can scale. Pushing ourselves outside our comfort zone in who we mix with, but not so much that we break. Accepting our foibles and dark-sides as people, but not at the expense of rejecting the better angels of our nature. Micro-ambitious 'solutions' may just be questions, but the spreading of questions may be more powerful than the spreading of answers.

Accepting the dark side?

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