Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Different Beauty

The beauty of conservatism lies in protecting the things we love. In keeping them holy. With less questioning, and more trust, we can build. Lean in. Go deep. Rather than poking and prodding the foundations to find weaknesses, we can refine the structures. By trusting what has come before, we can move forward. The constraints allow for creativity by cutting off the stress of which path to choose. There is one path. Continue.

The beauty of change lies in the new. In possibility. In multiple paths. In keeping life holey. In tearing down the structures that had held us back, and starting again. Choosing new constraints, or throwing constraints away altogether. Rather than building consensus, change can empower us to strike out on our own. To make decisions without permission. To redefine the impossible. To run. To scream. To cry. Start.

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