Saturday, March 03, 2018

Asking Clearly

Tim Ferriss makes the point that people shouldn't really aim to 'work for themselves' if the dynamics are the same. When stuff needs doing (by you) it shouldn't really matter who is telling you to do it. He talks about getting better at delegating. To do that, you need to get better at asking. Asking clearly and specifically. That is hard. Most of the time, I am lost in the grass. If you want a tin of jam, it is easy to say, 'Will you fetch a tin of Jam for me?'. A lot of the time our problems are much more hand-wavy than that. We think in big, ambitious, abstract terms. Another Tim, Minchin, talks of being micro-ambitious. Coming up with small, specific, very achievable goals. Mini-successes that aren't far from where we are now. Tweaks. In reality, the only way to get anywhere is step by step. In reality, we will only be able to deal with step two, once we have completed step one.

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