Thursday, March 01, 2018

Money Job

There is work, and there is work that pays. Jobs and money jobs. There are quite specific principles that make something easy to monetise. Primarily they involve barriers, and good storytelling. Limited availability. Demand. Money is a tool of scarcity. As soon as there is enough, no one is going to pay you for it if they can get it for free. Even if it is something they value highly. There are good ideas, and there are good business ideas. The Industrial Revolution was partly a financing revolution. We learnt how good business ideas can finance themselves. If you can finance it, you can make it happen. Even if it is a bad idea. Great ideas that can't be monetised lie dormant. Waiting. Waiting for a world of abundance. A world beyond enough. A world where we have enough to walk away from bad ideas. That world is coming.

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