Monday, March 26, 2018


I am someone who cares deeply. Often too deeply. Spanish for 'don't worry' is 'No te preoccupes'. The German is 'Mach dir keine Sorgen'. French, 'Ne t'inqui√®te pas'. Preoccupation, making cares, and creating disquiet. 

In the rage machine that is the connected world we live in, it is hard to see injustice, harm, pain, or things not as they should be, and not reach for the pitchfork. To fight every battle. Less something I have two cents to offer on, this is the main thing I am working on at the moment. I have intense Righteous Anger. I would like to be tolerant, but things do get to me. I have also yet to see a single person respond positively to someone attacking them from a 'Moral Highground'.

People don't change their World View in leaps. We can't. Even when we leave a country, religion, bad relationship, town, school, boss, or company... we take stuff with us. No moment exists in isolation. Without taking the time to understand where someone has come from, you will go nowhere with them. Everything starts and ends with relationships. Unless you can see the good, you will never change the bad.

The only starting point is where things are

That is why I am working on being okay with things as they are. Not okay in a way that 'injustice, harm, pain' etc. don't motivate me. Okay in that I can see the beauty despite that. So I don't get pre-occupied. So I don't lose my quiet.

I am working on my daily practice. Five things. Five simple thingsExercising properly.  Breathing properly. Relaxing properly. Eating properly.   All with the intention of being able to think properly, and be able to come at the chaos from a place of calm.

With a body, mind, and heart that are not distracted.

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