Wednesday, April 18, 2018


Price balances Supply and Demand
You balance values

A Stipend is distinct from a Salary in that it doesn't necessarily reflect payment for the work performed. In one way, it is a recognition that just being alive costs money. Analogous to the 'Living Wage', every breathe you take costs money even if you aren't explicitly spending anything. The problem with believing a Salary actually reflects the value of your work is it doesn't. A Salary doesn't reflect value. A Salary is the price of your labour. Price is a clearing mechanism. Water may be more valuable than Champagne. Champagne is more expensive because there is less of it. A lot of things are expensive merely because there isn't that much of them. Quality wine is cheap in South Africa because of the ROE (Return on Ego) of making it. Many Moneymakers aspire to making wine one day, which no longer makes money. A Universal Basic Income would be a form of Stipend. It wouldn't stop people from working. Rather it would enable them to work on things they value.

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