Thursday, May 24, 2018

Knowledge Work

When you dig holes, it is easy to see what you have done. It is easy for others to see what you have done. Machines can dig holes. We can quantify that work. When you listen, understand, speak, read and write... tracking progress is much harder. Machines can't do that that well... yet. We can't quantify that work. Unless by number of words, number of views, or resultant countable actions taken. You can't count the depth of relationships and understanding. Adam Smith recognised this as a constraint when he argued for markets to pull through the 'Tacit Knowledge' we have. We may not be able to explain stuff, but if you push decision making down to those with the knowledge... we don't need to explain. Explaining takes time. The best way to explain something to someone, is to take them on the journey with you. The best explanation is time. The problem is, we are all on different journeys. The solution is trust and empowerment. 

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