Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Generational Wealth

I don't like the idea of hereditary privilege, and yet I believe in the power of compounding. This creates a conflict. Living hand to mouth - isn't very powerful. Someone building wealth with their great-grandchildren in mind - is incredibly powerful. Start with 100, and grow it at 1%. In year 1, that growth is 1. A generation (35 years) later, 1% growth is 1.4. Two generations later, it is 2. Three generations, 2.8. Ten generations later, it is 32. If opportunity is only created for the individual... 35 years of a 'working life' is incredibly short. Our labour is hand to mouth. Social Capital is where the magic happens. This is why I am passionate about the idea of Community Wealth Funds. The reality is, it is far easier to destroy than build. Building takes generations. Destruction takes momentary stupidity. We have the power to contribute over our lifetimes. If we think beyond our lifetimes.

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