Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Making Space

Yoga is the stilling of the mind. There are various ways to do that. Vedantic Philosophy talks of four paths. Through knowledge, devotion, action or a direct focus on the mind. When our thoughts are calm, and conscious, we are in a position to look more clearly at reality. Without that calm, life tends to live us rather than us living life. The path a specific person needs depends on their personality, desire, emotions, and situation. I tend to try think through things. To read. To discuss. To argue. I can get stuck in my head. Making space for other ways reduces how hard you are trying. Making space reduces the force being applied. At the moment, that is my focus. It seems like the opposite of productive. Do less. Ironically, things exist through, and are often discovered in, their opposites.

yogas chitti vritti nirodha

Yoga is the stilling of the mind

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