Friday, April 16, 2021

Support Structure

The original Marshmallow experiment looked at whether you could predict future success based on the ability to wait for a sugary treat. The skill of delayed gratification. More recently, a study controlled for socio-economic factors like parent’s education and early childhood development support. Once that was taken into account, waiting for the marshmallow had almost no predictive power about future success in school or life. Waiting is a core part of wealth creation. I do believe it is something you can learn. Something you can build into your habits. Spending has rhythm. Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. You can pay attention to the things you consume regularly. You can pay attention to unsurprising surprises you can plan for, so they don’t regularly force you to start from scratch. Then, if you have fundamental faith in the future, and your place in it... you can allow the space and time for reinvestment. Where wealth isn’t what you consume or display. Wealth is the systemic structure that supports creativity.


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