Thursday, March 30, 2017


The Republicans of the American and French Revolutions didn't like control from the outside. They fought against Monarchy. They fought against Slavery. The American die hards even heavily opposed wage employment as a form of 'wage slavery'. Although you could quit, they didn't understand why with so much land abundant, someone wouldn't venture out a start a new life they were in control of. This 'venturing out' has a long history. In 1000 CE, there were about 400 million people in the world. 70 in Africa, 50 in Europe, and 269 in Asia.  Celtic Monks had ventured to Iceland in about 800 from carbon dating of log cabins. The first to circumnavigate it and prove it was an island was a Viking explorer GarĂ°arr Svavarsson in 870. By 930, most arable land had been claimed. The settlement of Greenland then started in the 980s. Many European countries started shifting towards Kingdoms as the tribes which had smashed Rome joined forces at around this time. I wonder how much this had to do with running out of space? Putting the lid on the pressure cooker.


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