Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Every Action is a Vote

The world is noisy. Once you accept that it is not particularly fair, you still have to treat it as if it is. Even though there is so much that is not under our control, cumulatively things we do add up. No individual vote matters, but if no one votes... that matters. Every action is a vote.  Every day. Democracy isn't a ballot box, it is a conversation. Kant's 'Act only in a way that you can at the same time will that it became a universal law'. We have to crack on. We can't be overwhelmed. We have to carry on having hard conversations. We have to carry on trying not to get triggered by the things that irritate us. Breathe. Ask another question. Take another step. We have to treat each other kindly. There is no towel to throw in. This is all we have.

We vote every day

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