Friday, November 17, 2017

Trial and Error

I am using Duolingo and Memrise to learn Spanish. I still regard myself as Monotongue. I did years of Afrikaans but my vocab and confidence are weak. I have attempted various other languages - Zulu, Xhosa, German, French, and Italian in various stop-starts. I am really enjoying my current stab. It feels like computer-assisted learning is coming on by leaps and bounds. There is something very different when a person tells me I got something wrong, and a computer does it. Judgement free. The computer is genuinely ambivalent, and I can just crack on. The computer doesn't get bored, annoyed, or impatient. The computer can also give instant feedback, which helps me learn immediately. The reason I am learning is to engage with people. This is consistent with the way I use Social Media. As a catalyst for real-world interaction. I don't think Artificial Intelligence will replace human interaction. I am confident it will help us learn and communicate better. Exciting times.

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