Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Beyond the Hand

Living hand to mouth forces control of the hand. You have to work, or you starve. Putting some of the extra aside for tomorrow means if for whatever reason you can't work, you don't starve. It gives you a buffer. Putting the extra to work can create an engine that eventually will allow you to shift your attention from the hand, to the heart and the mind. It can allow you to detach. Detachment isn't ignoring something. It is only giving that thing the emotional energy it deserves, and no more. Money is incredibly useful as a trust and exchange mechanism for stuff. It allows good ideas, that can be monetised, to thrive - good business ideas. Not all good ideas are good business ideas. Not all good business ideas are good ideas. Creating financial engines can allow people, and even states (Sovereign Wealth Funds) and communities (Community Wealth Funds), the freedom to seek fulfilment in other ideas. We can detach from money while still recognising just how useful and important it is.

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