Friday, December 01, 2017

Community Business

I enjoy reading the histories of big institutional companies. Wells Fargo (a large American Bank) started its days with stagecoaches transporting gold from coast to coast. Shell (of Royal Dutch Shell) was named after the founder's father's antique business which expanded to import and export seashells.  Nokia started life as a pulp mill. Things change. Businesses start small, and then over time often institutionalise if they are successful. I like that public equity allows anyone to be an owner. It does have the knock-on effect of making businesses more like borderless countries rather than family businesses. I am also interested in learning more about 'Community Businesses' - ones that intentionally stay small. Family businesses can reinforce privilege. Meritocratic businesses can too, by hiring those who are already successful. How do we recognise that stories evolve, and make the engines of that evolution something we are proud of?

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