Thursday, January 11, 2018


Dominica is an island between two overseas territories of France. Both of those islands are part of the European Union. Guadaloupe with a population of c. 400,000 and Martinique with c. 385,000. Dominica (population c.74,000) is not part of the EU, like Algeria (which was part of the EU until it gained independence from France in 1962). Dominica gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1978. Dominica had been a French colony from the 1690s until 1763 when the British defeated France in the Seven Year's War. The German States & Britain had fought the Austrian Holy Roman Empire, Russians and Bourbon Spain. Yes, that was before transfer season, so the teams do look different to the World Wars. After Tropical Storm Erika, the country instituted a fiscal lifeline selling second passports under an "economic citizenship" program. $100,000 buys you a Dominica passport which gets visa-free access to the United Kingdom and the Schengen zone.

Linen Market - 1770s Dominica
(Agostino Brunias)

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