Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Haiti is the only nation in the world established after a successful slave revolt. The western part of the island of 'La Española' had been ceded to the French in 1697. This was after a nine-year war between France and a European Alliance. The war mirrored conflict between French & English settlers in America and their respective 'Indian' allies. Sugar cane plantations, worked by slaves brought from Africa, were established by colonists. In the midst of the French Revolution, the Haitian slaves revolted and established the first independent nation of Latin America and the Caribbean. 95% of the population are of African descent, while in the neighbouring Dominican Republic, that figure is around 10% with the majority of the population being of mixed descent. 

General Toussaint Louverture
Leader of the Haitian Revolution
Fought for Spain v France
Fought for France v Spain/Britain
Fought for Saint-Dominigue v France

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