Monday, May 14, 2018

More Questions

TV is a broadcast (one to many) mechanism. One of the things I like about Social Media, is that it has the potential to be a conversation. I don't like the Twitter/LinkedIn 'follower' idea - which implies broadcast. The Facebook 'friend' idea is closer, but it is difficult to maintain lots of friendships. I haven't thought of a better word. Conversant? Maybe another language has a better word. What this opening of conversation does is raise the bar on us individually. We have to get better at editing our thoughts. Refining them. Rather than trying to convince people, we can start exploring the opinions that challenge our thinking. At the moment, I worry that rather than exploring, we spend most of our time signalling which tribe we belong to. Reaching for pitchforks to get the people who disagree. We could blame the broadcasters if old-school media was a mess. Now, social media is a mirror. There is no one to blame.

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