Friday, June 08, 2018

Mental Health

I had my first session (ever) with a Psychologist yesterday. Mental Health and Empowerment are the two 'big ticket' areas I spend time thinking about. I have lots of very caring friends and family who are willing to listen. Normally it is a relationship. Give and take. This is the first time I have created a space that is one way support. Like everyone, I am working through some 'Cornerstone Events' that still create obstacles for me. On top of that, life doesn't seem to throw one challenge at a time. At the moment, I feel like I am getting more than my fair share. There is no such thing as fair though. Perspective helps - my problems are far more manageable than others. But perspective doesn't remove the need for resilience. I very much believe in normalising Mental Health challenges. English probably lacks the words - vulnerable, fragile, struggling - all imply a need for pity. Strong and Weak aren't opposites. We don't need pity. We do need each other.

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