Saturday, September 06, 2008

Federer Through

Someone told me a week ago at the Rugby that Rodger Federer had been knocked out before the quarter finals. I was bleak as it has been a rough year for Fed supporters. But no, that muppet was wrong... the Fed made it through and has now beaten Djokovich to get through to the finals.

His disappointing year is therefore 3 finals and a semi-final (while sick). Yup, when you set the bar up there, it does become tough to not have a disappointing yet fantastic year.

I still reckon he has another few major titles within grasp and hasn't lost his touch. He just tends to make more mistakes than he used to. So with that greasy spaniard around, he is going to have to make some magic to get that French title.

Anyhow, the greasy spaniard is playing the new henman now. I wouldn't bet against Mr Biceps to smash the man from the damp island.
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