Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Presenting with Pictures

I haven't read the book yet, but Garr Reynolds (whose book `Presentation Zen' I highly recommend) points to this youtube video of Dan Roam outlining his ideas in his book `The Back of the Napkin':

He is not the most inspirational talker I have heard (that is a toss up between Ben Zander and Ken Robinson) but the concept is one I like.

Whether I would go with stick figure I am not sure... you can get some great simple images that are very powerful. But I do like the idea of getting everyone to think visually and draw in their planning stages.

Roam makes a point when he says if you walk into a Kindergarten and ask the 6 year olds who can draw... they all put up their hands. When you ask who can read and write, the hands are fewer and more tentative.

When you ask 10 years later... maybe 3 of the class of 16 year olds will say they can draw. They will all say they can read and write.

Drawing is an intuitive way to communicate. Why is it that we obsess with using only words and figures to present our ideas?
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