Monday, January 12, 2009


I just finished reading 'Slide:ology' by Nancy Duarte. She also writes a blog to accompany the book.

Her book, along with 'Presentation Zen' by Garr Reynolds has been one of the best selling books on the subject of presentations this past year. There is a revolution of sorts going on against the old world of 'death by PowerPoint' and these two along with the likes of Seth Godin and Guy Kawasaki are leading the charge.

Duarte's book is more of a text book than Reynolds. Many would argue that Duarte's style is far less of a jump for those who are used to old school presentations. Her feel seems more 'professional' and applicable to the current corporate culture. While a massive leap forward, I think it falls a little short of the dramatic leap that Reynolds suggests.

Both books are in my opinion ones that everyone who does any form of presenting of ideas would do well to read and reread, and have a copy on their desks.

It is a call to arms in a way. People are tired of having reams and reams of information thrown at them as they struggle to stay awake... The tools are available to communicate. Phones, Coffee Shops, Paper and Pens, Canvases, Pianos, Rugby Balls, Facebook, Presentations... now we just need to get better at it.

Exciting Times.
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