Saturday, May 08, 2010

A new person a new day

We have very little control over all sorts of things. One of those things is ourselves. We can really really want to do something, but the only real control we have is over what we do right now. If you want an apple, you can get one and eat it. But, if you want to eat an apple every day... you can still only get one now. Future decisions depend on future yous. And future yous are not the same as you right now.

Perhaps it is helpful to think of yourself as a new person every day. Your parent is you from yesterday, and your child is you tomorrow. Just because you had a certain opinion yesterday, doesn't mean you have to have it today. Sure, it can form the base of what you think... but you are free to change your mind. No need to excessively defend your Mom and Dad, even if you love them. And tomorrow's kiddies, well there you have to balance your needs for today and how you can give them a hand tomorrow.

I think this kind of mindset would help you to be less defensive of your current beliefs, and more keen to find out the truth. The one real problem is how to stop your kids from doing things that you know are bad for them. But kids will be kids. How do you 'sabotage' your future self by doing something that prevents them from doing something in the future... or do you trust them to make the right choices?
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