Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Taking Control of the Thread

Much like screaming at other cars in the traffic, or overhearing a couple fighting at the table seated next to you at a restaurant, there are some things that can just suck the energy right out of you. Energy sponges. It is remarkable just how contagious a negative thought is to everything else. You can be feeling awesome and on top of the world, and something can just let you spiral.

Positive Thinking is great. There is always the risk though that you are just deluding yourself, so that when something that really matters to you but that is out of your control happens... things fall apart. Cynicism is also important because it prevents you from just accepting things that seem true on the surface. Some would say, accepting things for what they are. Doesn't make you feel great though.

I googled 'Positive Cynicism' and found a rather interesting post (see link). Perhaps it is possible to be a Cynic and search for the truth, but to develop the ability to keep perspective. To put things in a bigger picture that makes individual events less important, but the thread that joins them more important. If you don't control (all) events, but you learn to control the way you associate/link them, maybe you can be more in control of the big picture and while not avoiding the energy sponges, you can recognise them, and wave as you pass by.

Not easy, but perhaps in the end it is about taking control of the thread.

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