Saturday, May 28, 2011

Leopard Seals

Another awesome TED talk. If you aren't a fan yet, do yourself a favour and change that. The variety of speakers is incredible, and the 18 minute format means you get a taste of things without being overwhelmed.

Paul Nicklen's story of the Leopard Seals is a great example of people categorising based on a few incidents without spending the time to understand. In this case, the seals are vicious and scary. He attempts to dispel that. Turning the example to people, it always amazes me how little we know of each other - yet, how much we think we know. Making snap judgements helps us survive. We can't really spend the time Nicklen does getting to understand every 'Leopard Seal' we come across. But a healthy dose of realising we could be wrong is useful. That is where family, friends and the people who really care about you the most comes in handy. For those occasions when you appear to be a scary Leopard Seal, you are given the benefit of the doubt. They make the effort to carry on figuring things out, and like Nicklen, they will jump into the water with you even when you are bumping the boat.

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