Thursday, February 28, 2013

Let the Sole loose

Intelligence is difficult to define because it comes in so many forms. Curiosity is a good proxy. Teaching then Testing someone on a skill is still a little like giving them a fish. Developing curiosity is like teaching them to fish.

I like the idea behind Sugata Mitra's Self Organised Learning Environments (SOLEs). It goes along with the democratisation of everything. Letting people loose with well intentioned but cynical curiosity (don't believe everything but come up with bold theories and test them) is bound to be a better way to learn. Teacher's as cheerleaders for learning rather than dispenser's of knowledge. All very exciting stuff.

I don't agree with everything he says. I don't think 'knowing is obsolete'. I regret the fact that my mental maths is worse than when I was 12 because of Excel (and laziness). The mind is still a super computer and incredibly powerful. Having the tools to find things out is clearly incredibly important - but knowing things helps connect the dots. Mental muscle memory will still smash a Google search.

I fully agree that democratising the way we learn is the way forward.

Exciting times.

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