Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Good & Evil

One of my favourite TV series is The Wire. It is different from other series in that each episode is not self contained. Like life, it takes time to figure out what is going on and it is very difficult to categorise things. Who is good? Who is bad?

The passing of the Iron Lady will lead to debate about whether she was good or bad. I don't know enough about her policies - but I am pretty sure further reading will lead me to agree with some of the things she did and disagree with others. Her naming of the ANC as a terrorist organisation and the argument that the UK helped prolong and support Apartheid are clearly going to be things that get me a little upset. I understand her two greatest policy issues were an attack on Union Power and the privatisation of Government Industries. Again, I speak before knowing a lot - but looking at what is going on in SA where the unemployed seem disenfranchised by strong Unions protecting the employed , I think I will tend towards the the Thatcher approach. I am also inclined towards believing Government should be about ensuring the safety of citizens and the rule of law before trying to run Industries. Supply, demand and competition are likely better managers than votes.

After the topic of the moment being the death of Michael Jackson, a Reality TV star dying of cancer, and the unfortunate fall from grace of Oscar Pistorious - I am looking forward to the discussions of the impact of the life of the Iron Lady.

I am pretty sure she was neither all good or nor all evil - but she certainly left her mark on the world.
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