Saturday, May 24, 2014

Global Citizens

Social Media, Multinational Organisations and increased travel are making the idea of borders less and less relevant in terms of defining common groups of people. Culture is much more subtle than the colour of and badge on your passport. We used to live where we were born, believe what we were told, do what our parents did, and marry someone from the neighbourhood. The breakdown of barriers increases the uncertainty of knowing what is expected, how to act, or even what direction to head in. All of this is how we create our identity. By creating an out group we feel like we belong to the ingroup. As Global Citizens, there is no out group. But there also isn't really an in group. By accepting fluidity between ideas, you no longer have the comfort that anyone shares your world view since no one will have shared all of your experiences. So asking where someone is from or does becomes less of an all inclusive defining question. Instead you have to listen.
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