Sunday, September 21, 2014

Dive In Durban Boy

Like a German spy in World War II who slips up with one word that blows their cover, you can spot a Durban boy (where I grew up) a mile away by the length of time it takes them to dive into a swimming pool when the water is even slightly cold.

Building yourself up to 'dive in' even when you have the intention of doing something sometimes takes a long time. Yes, there are those crazy Cape Town people who think cold water is the point, but a lot of the time it takes time to gain the courage. You dip your toes in. You convince yourself that you will warm up. You decide on a strategy of either doing nothing right up till the point that you dive in, or of slowly wading into the water taking the cold body bit by body bit at a time.

The uncertainty surrounding picking up a new skill or learning something new is 'cold'. Often there are competing sources of information, approaches, objectives, costs and so the uncertainty holds you back. Other times you know it is okay - you can see the benefits, you can see what you need to do, there are very limited downsides. You just need to dive in.

Even if you are a Durban Boy.


with the wonderful warm water of the Indian Ocean

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