Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Natural Liberty

One Tongue. Two eyes. One mouth. Two hands. One bum. Two legs. Done. There are natural limits to what is available to you. You can't have coffee and herbal tea at the same time, in the same mouth, and enjoy the individual tastes of each. You can't enjoy one moment if you are thinking about the next. Unless, of course, you find thinking about the next moment pleasurable. Antici...

On and off the richest man in the world, Warren Buffett got to that point partly by being very good at relinquishing control. He often gets good deals because owners know that if he buys their company, he is keen to leave them in control. This is the irony of thinking Capitalism is about being power hungry. Communism failed not because of the ideals of sharing, but because of problems with power and incentives. Capitalism fails when it gets those things wrong too. Since growth is the primary incentive and giving up power turns out to be the best way to do that, Capitalism has made a better go of it. The reason giving up power helps is because of the Postrel Problem. There is tacit knowledge on the front lines. That pair of eyes, hands and legs and its other bits understands some things it will never be able to communicate. The world is better with devolved control. Those who get this, excel.

Capitalism, at its best, is about empowering individuals to release potential

Those who don't get this build empires which eventually crumble. Liberty is hard wired into us. Even when there were individuals who decreed what people believed, they had no control over hearts and minds in reality. Whole countries would 'change' religion depending on which cousin was winning the game of thrones. Really? I don't think so. Since religion at its heart is deeply personal and faith based, people believe whatever they want. No one else actually knows what is going on in your space. All you need for true liberty is a room and a closed door. You can have that anywhere, anytime, by closing your eyes.

Although some people have notional 'control' over others, what does that control mean in reality? Any individual, no matter who they are, has 24 hours in a day. They have limited ability to understand problems that take any length of time to wrap their heads around. If they want to enjoy their wealth, they will want to spend about 8 of their hours asleep, some of the time eating, some of the time exercising, and some of the time relaxing with friends. They too, need to visit the loo. If they don't get to do that because they are busy 'controlling', is that a power worth envying?

If you live in a wealthy country, you are already a Cultural Billionaire. If you don't, but you are reading this blog, your are more than likely a Cultural Billionaire. Poverty is in the process of being dismantled. If you have your basic needs met, being wealthy, like being happy, may be a choice rather than a goal.


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