Tuesday, March 10, 2015


It helps to live in a city like Joburg or London before you live somewhere like Cape Town. Or at least find a way to form some of the immediacy habits of busy (and productive) people before you dive into awesomeness. I lived in Cape Town for about four years before the arrival of my brother lead to a visit to Llandudno beach. He has never let me live that or the over sized nature of my head down. When you live in Cape Town, a trip to the other side of the mountain is a very long way. Speaking of the mountain. Have you climbed it? I would love to see stats of the answer to that question from people who live in Cape Town vs. people who visit it. I suspect for many natives of the mother city it is 'I will one day'.

There is something about rarity or limited opportunity that makes us act. As soon as things are plentiful we seem less able to value them in the same way. Perhaps our fear of missing out is the incentive that drives us when we just have one chance. A more positive way of thinking of it may be that we just lack the triggers? We can build triggers.

I am visiting a friend in Whangarei, New Zealand. Last night we visited some of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. My mate had come to the beach a few times but seemed as struck by Matapouri as I was, unsure why he didn't come more regularly. He does go to another beach every weekend so it is not quite my Llandudnoitus. It did remind me of what I call the 'Sitting on Memstone' dilemma. Memstone was a memorable place with incredible views on my university campus. Unless you were hungry and distracted. Then it was just a place you walked past on your way to meals.

Sometimes we need triggers of limited time or visits from friends to knock us into consciousness. We can do it ourselves by creating checklists. We value spontaneity though. Using checklists feels a little outsourcing our decision making.

But if it leads to more of the good stuff, perhaps admitting the need for a little help is worth it. Maybe simply writing a list of the things you would like to do and people you would like to see is enough. Write it each night and then throw it away. You are still the boss.

Matapouri Beach, New Zealand

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