Thursday, May 21, 2015

Talkers and Pausers

I read a fair bit. Until about eight years ago, that wasn't true. I was lucky if I could get through one book a year. I wrote about the things that helped me read more in 'Love it, Do it'. One of the things that I do is to read a few books at the same time. That means that when I start getting overloaded with one book, I can switch to another. A friend of mine who is the most prolific reader I know has switched almost completely to Audio books. Other than making answering the question as to whether you have 'read' a book fun, it does make getting through tough books easier. Like watching a movie or having a group conversation, your thoughts can wander and the book carries on. Imagine we watched movies like we read books? If the movie paused every time someone spoke? If the movie could read our mind and paused every time we thought about something else? Painful.

I am sure there are several relationships that have ended because one person is a talker, and the other a pauser.

Anyway, here is what is on my reading list at the moment:


They are all in various states of unfinished, but are all likely to be things I comment on here at some stage. The books at the top of my recommended reading list at the moment are:

'The Art of Learning' became an instant favourite and I have read it five times in the last year. I kept coming back to it after Joshua Foer pointed out the value in re-reading your favourites. We now have an infinite library of ideas and thoughts. The temptation can be to fly through them. The idea that an audio book caters to our wandering mind may seem like a cop out. We do it when reading traditionally too. Sometimes we only remember the gist of a book. Sometimes we know we have read it, know we enjoyed it, often recommend it, and yet no longer have any idea what it is about. 'The Art of Learning' is awesome every time.
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