Thursday, June 18, 2015

Why I Love Our Garden (Anne Mayers)

Between her love of gardens and tea (made properly), Anne was probably always destined for England. While the rest of us were content with mugs (you get more), Anne would always have a wonderful little teapot sitting on her desk. The other certainty with Anne is that she will be wearing some red, and I will get a smile. Here she describes one of the great pleasures of her life... 

Anne and me/Ghandi in December 2012 (just after Movember)

Why I Love Our Garden 
by Anne Mayers

It is an every changing landscape, never the same from one day to the next. As the start of every season sweeps through our garden, there is always a mood of anticipation as we witness the transformation of the shrubs, trees, flowers and the grass. In Spring, Summer and part of the Autumn the greenhouse is brimming over with scrumptious vegetables such as cucumber, courgettes, peppers, tomatoes, herbs or aubergines. And in Winter it is a wonderful drying 'room' for the wood we need for our lovely Winter fires.

The grapevine clambering over our lovely wooden arch, is always a perfect spot for that special photo. The Apple trees, all four of them, provide an abundance of crops for my tasty apple and date chutney! Not to mention tasty fruit from the Plum and Cherry trees. My vases are filled with beautiful Roses, Irises, Peonies or Dahlias. We always plant an abundance of colourful petunias around all the shrubs and fruit trees.

Front Garden

What you put into your garden is what you will get out of it - we created our garden from scratch and now I can proudly report that we are reaping the rewards of the hard work (mostly David's of course) over the course of the last four years since we bought our house. It is always a sheer joy to walk about our front and back garden, of course more so when the garden has 'rolled' out of its Winter slumber and there is a frenzy of preparation to ready it for Spring, Summer and Autumn.

We never tire of the tranquillity our garden offers, especially the back garden which borders onto a small woodland and to observe how it evolves from one year to the next. Our bird feeders have attracted a variety of beautiful birds to our lovely garden, and our bird book has been helpful in identifying our daily visitors perched on the roof waiting for their next feed. Oh let's not forget the rabbits and squirrels (sometimes as many as five at the same time) competing with the birds for the nuts and the seeds on the ground. 

Back Garden

We feel truly blessed and privileged with our little spiritual corner in the semi-rural countryside of Send in Surrey.
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