Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Go Outside

For a big city, London gets very quiet.  I have been slowly upping the distances I walk each day as I try to morph myself from a usually still person, to a usually moving person. Today, I got to 30km while London was being bathed in sunshine. We get snow days when people can't get to work. On days like today, we should get sun days when people shouldn't get to work. If the jokes about English weather are true, there should be a general agreement that if something really matters, it can wait. Get outside. The beautiful, wide open parks and lakes should be where people are.

Fortunately I could do that so I wandered the quiet rows of houses everyone had vacated to get to their offices. Perhaps Aironc will be an offshoot relative of Airbnb? All these gorgeous homes could act as shared 'office and coffee' places. Instead of sitting empty. Instead of people fighting to get to work in packed tubes.

Today's post is short. I am going outside.
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