Wednesday, September 09, 2015


Economics is by definition the study of the allocation of limited resources, and as a consequence the production, consumption and transfer of wealth. Almost every word in a discussion of economics ends up being open to interpretation. What is wealth? If production is the adding of value, what is value? How is something limited? What is a resource? The famous two-handed economist will always provide more than one answer. An escape clause that allows them to get out of jail when they make predictions.

For a long time there hasn't been enough. Arguably, there now is. At the very least, we are getting closer to the point where there will be. Again though, what is enough? That aside, all the rules change when there is enough. In a desert land where wealth is determined by water, the discovery of a fountain of life that produces an endless supply of water will level the playing field. Everyone will have enough water. No one will be 'wealthy'. What if there was a tap for other things? Tap Water, Tap Housing, Tap Food, Tap Exercise? What if everything wasn't limited? What if there was only a limit on conspicuous consumption? Everyone can be cultural billionaires.

A common thread in awesome cities is Shared Space. Scattered all over Stockholm are Utegyms (Outdoor Gyms). The ones I have seen are beautiful. Made from heavy wood in the open air, you can do all the things you would be able to do in a normal gym. Thinking about what happiness is can get very philosophical, but it starts pretty simply. What are you eating? Are you getting enough sleep? Are you breathing properly? Are you worrying over things you can't change? Are you putting enough time into the relationships you care about? Are you doing something that challenges you?

And are you exercising? All those things are almost free, and all those things are enough.

The Utegym near my cousins house in Stockholm

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