Saturday, October 03, 2015

Drop the An

I am on route to Newcastle to watch South Africa play Scotland in the Rugby World Cup. Last night I watched 'Hector and the Search for Happiness'. I had to place large chunks of its generic summary of world cultures in its 'Bull Quota' box. China = Money Culture + Monks. Africa = War Lords + Rural Families + Safari. Ignoring that, there were some interesting bits. One was a tweak of a common idea. Happiness is an emotion. Happiness is emotion. Drop the an. Rugby sometimes makes me very sad. Perhaps that sadness is happiness.

Given the choice, I wouldn't undo the experience of a few traumatic 'they shall not be mentioned' punches to the stomach sport has delivered. Bats being dropped. Balls not being kicked out. Silly silly rain. These moments are awful. 

If happiness is emotion, it includes being afraid. Being sad. Being lonely. Being homesick. Being irritated. Being angry.... And being excited. Being grateful. Being loving. Being loved. Being World Champions.

Perhaps happiness is being. I wouldn't change past punches, but please Bokke... be Scot beaters today!

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