Sunday, November 01, 2015

Jedi Mind Tricks

A friend of mine claims I spend 60% of my time mastering Jedi mind tricks to pressure people into writing for my blog. His delays are just fighting the power. Unfortunately, the force is not strong with me. I won't lie, I love it when I get people who are keen to write guest posts. 

My aim though is to find how I can help. By writing every day, I have developed a habit. I was always amazed by the professional writers I worked with. John could have a conversation with people and, an hour or two later, send out a draft ghost written article that I would have agonised over for weeks. An Unogwajan Marathon runner I met, Tiago, had run 400 marathons. To the point where he just gets up and goes for a run like I make a cup of tea. He isn't killing himself. He enjoys it and his body has adjusted. Tiago and John have a habit.

We are all motivated in very different ways. We all like being reminded or encouraged in different ways. For some a reminder is a nag. Others actually like the structure of being in an environment where they are told what to do. Another friend of mine said he really enjoys being micromanaged. Being micromanaged drives me nuts. For him, he is able to completely outsource the icky motivational stuff and just get on with doing things.

I think we should be able to hire and fire our bosses. Like musicians or tennis stars. Find a team that helps bring out the best in you. The job of a boss should be to take obstacles out of the way. To find barriers to creativity and destroy them.

This is the guest blog post you were looking for, move along
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