Friday, November 27, 2015

More Than Everything

Contradictory things are sometimes true. Preferences aren't always consistent. What we want is fuzzy. The Pale Blue Dot picture of earth was taken from more than 4 billion miles away. All we have done in less than a pixel. What we do doesn't matter. And yet, what we do is the only thing that matters. 

'All of human history has happened on that tiny pixel' Carl Sagan

The ability to take what you do very seriously, while at the same time having perspective seems contradictory. I am at my very worst when I am desperate. From a logical perspective, you never want to be desperate. If you can't walk away from something, there is nothing you won't give to have it. Not because it is worth more than everything else. Nothing is ever worth more than everything else. But logic stops when you are desperate. You don't sit back and in a calm fashion figure out what everything is worth to you, what you prefer, and make a choice.

The heart of addiction. Momentary desperation which halts the ability to walk away. An intoxication that destroys your ability to value anything else. Nothing, however true, however important, is worth sucking all your energy away. Holding back allows you to give more. Allowing time, allows you to give more. Laughing. Listening. Relaxing. Space, allows you to give more.

Nothing matters more than everything. Which is why everything matters.
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