Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Behind the Tree

There once was a man from Jozi.
Who listened from behind a tree.
If strongly offended,
when his view was upended,
he'd jump out oozing rage with glee.

He'd shout aloud,
Sending voice to the clouds.
Breaking hearts.
Turning carts.
Bending knees.

When he walked away,
having had his say.
No one followed.
No one changed.
None took heed.

He was not on their side,
his words were just jibes.
No reasons to follow.
No feelings, no sorrows.
No part in their lives had he.

Why he hid was uncertain.
The tree was his curtain.
It covered his fears,
and had done for years.
The tree world was all he could see.

He thought he had heard,
each and every word.
But the feelings, the meanings, 
the substance and dreamings,
get muffled from behind the tree.

Out he stepped one day,
with nothing to say.
Just to listen.
Just to hear.
Just to see.

- This post is part of a Tandem Series where seven writers all use the same title every Tuesday for four weeks -

I have been introduced to Dave Luis and his blog 'Bloggsy Malone' through this series. He writes in a raw, emotional way, about his feelings. Feelings inspired primarily by food and beautiful sights. The pleasures of life and the challenges dancing with those pleasures presents. Have a look what lies 'Behind the Tree'.

- Nick - Brett - Candice - Dave -  Ashley - Megan

- 'The Missing Voice' - 'Behind The Tree' -

For Hugging, Not Hiding

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