Sunday, February 28, 2016

Building Habits

I was a little worried about my next two months of travelling. Historically, I have not been very good at maintaining exercise habits when I travel. Without interruption, I can get into a groove of doing something I want to learn, but bumps send me off. I am a creature of habit. I always think of Jan Ullrich v Lance Armstrong (I need new metaphors). Ullrich built up momentum like a steam train. I don't like the last minute stuff. If there is something that needs doing, I like doing it over a long time. I hate rushing. I don't run for trains if it's my choice. There is always another one. If I am late, it is my problem. If I run, it doesn't hurt enough for me not to be late next time.

Seldom a reason to rush

Armstrong was good at handling it when things didn't go smoothly. The example of him going off-road on Stage 9 of the 2003 race in order to avoid an accident. Life does sometimes throw curve balls at you, but I think there is a difference between being able to handle problems and handling problems becoming a habit. I hate the stress of being in a corner, and while an impending deadline often is an incredible motivator, I way prefer the less stressful version of getting a little bit done over a longer period of time. If something really matters, it deserves time and space. A permanent corner is just a time bomb. Building momentum is a much better option.

I am busy training for the Comrades Marathon. My first. So I don't have the option of putting training aside for two months. This has to be a running trip. Fortunately on this first stop, it looks like it won't be a problem. Chicago has a wonderful cycle/run path along the banks of Lake Michigan. So this afternoon will see the start of me changing the bad habit of letting travel get in the way of keeping fit.

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