Thursday, March 31, 2016

Black Sheep v Swart Donkey

My brothers are both Doctors. When my Dad introduces us, he says, 'This is Dr Black, this is Dr Black, and that's... Trevor.' It's okay because I have lots of family members who are psychologists, so I have learnt to cope. The bit of that about Doctors and Psychologists is a true story. It's true that the bit about how my Dad introduces me is a story.

Often when we make big life choices, people who care about us will have a view on what we have done. It may be annoying at times, but it shows they care. I have been asked what my family thought about my choice to stop working for money. To give up my professional memberships. Was I considered the Black Sheep of the Black family? The truth is that what I am doing now is very consistent with how my family have always known me. On top of that, I am actually a very risk averse person. Stopping work isn't a risk in my eyes considering the various buffers I have built. Worst case scenario of getting another job isn't exactly a risk. My family and friends know that I will be okay. The only raised eyebrows I get are with respect to my lack of shaving, length of hair and type of humour.

Black Sheep v Swart Donkey

I may not be the Black Sheep, but I am the Swart Donkey. The people who know me best know I have have struggled with stubbornness and noisiness over the years. I have strong opinions. Most of them have been shown to be wrong. Donkeys are stubborn, ignorant and noisy and so it seems very appropriate. I also try very hard to slowly chip away at those issues. A little less ignorant. A little better at listening. A little bit changed. Each day.

I am not going anywhere quickly... but I will keep moving without giving up

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