Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Happy 22nd Birthday South Africa

On our 22nd birthday, I will admit that I am trying to deconstruct my South Africanness.  In 1994, I was a true believer. I believed in forging a rainbow identity. I am more scared of that now. To construct any identity, by definition, means excluding others. That was what the birth of a new South Africa was supposed to end. I prefer the idea of discovering different flavours. Different ideas. Different tastes. Constantly adding as each year passes. Constantly learning. Learning as deconstructing barriers.

Who are you?
Growth through deconstructing identity

A 22 year old is often starting to make their way in the world of work. I am also less convinced about the value of specialising in any one type of work. Particularly if that means diminishing your circle of competence in the process of excelling. I think we need be able to do the small stuff. If we only focus on the grand goals, we can lose track of the simple things. We can form little habits that help build a life. Cook meals for each other. Remember to stay in touch. Pick things up. Patch things up. We can build friendships outside our bubbles. 

A 22 year old starts having to adjust to being an adult. To looking after the admin of life. Bills. Responsibilities. Mundane stuff. I think that is what politics and government should be about. The boring stuff. The bricks. The exciting stuff should be up to us. Ungoverning. Releasing. Getting on with it. Education years are often all about finding yourself, and when you shift to work you start looking after others. You build something bigger. South Africa is part of something bigger. It is not separate. We are Global Citizens. We can learn from others and teach others. Walk together. See each other.

My South Africa

Birthday Reflections

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