Friday, April 15, 2016

Odds and Odd People

I love playing Poker. I don't like gambling. Poker is the only Casino game I know of where the house has to explicitly take a little bit of each pot because the game isn't rigged in their favour. 

With Roulette, whatever your strategy, every time you spin you lose (in the long run). With Blackjack, the really skilled players are able to get their odds close to the houses. In the very long run the house will win. The good players play because they enjoy it and might get lucky. I don't like either game. With Poker on the other hand, you are playing the other people at the table. 

People make crazy decisions. Emotions get involved. We do stuff that doesn't make sense, but is fun. We go on gut. We mix it up. Few games I have been involved in have tested my emotions as much as poker. You can lose big with two Aces. You can make lots of money with the worst cards you can get (2 and 7 off suit). Anything can happen with any one hand. A crazy decision can work out. In the long run, it is the people who are able to combine the facts and the fiction who do the best. The people who know the odds and understand the people. The people who understand themselves, their strengths, and their weaknesses, and who adjust accordingly.

Dogs (K9) and Poker Faces

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