Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Establishment

Trump is our fault. It is easy to point fingers, but we have let ourselves down in the way we fight for what we believe in. Without stepping back, it is very easy to lose perspective. To hop from fire to fire. To get irritated, angry, bitter and twisted. To rage against the machine. Some people are pushing back. Obama gave a great speech defending the status quo. Defending 'The Establishment'. Not as a destination, but as a journey. See Jonathan Chait's summary of the argument in the New York magazine. Also look at Will Wilkinson's take on 'The Great Enrichment'. We change from where we are. We progress by listening to people we disagree with. If we shut people down, we get trumped. Trump is so blatantly, obviously, clearly wrong... you don't beat him by pointing that out. You let the hot air out of him by listening better. America is greater than it has ever been. The world is making big strides in sorting out our issues. It is messy, bumpy, difficult and exciting. Let's crack on, together.

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