Sunday, June 26, 2016

Can't See

I am sick of Partisan vitriol. If we create groups to direct hatred at, we can't complain when hatred grows. Vilifying people vilifies. If we don't understand how someone could behave, believe, or act in a certain way, I think the fault lies with a lack of relationships. When a friend acts differently to how we would, we can still see the why even if we don't agree. If we can't see the why, it is a problem. We need to start by thinking what our part in that problem is. There are a lot of whys I can't see at the moment. I am feeling punch drunk. I don't understand too many people.

I can't see

I believe we are making progress in defeating prejudice in many of its forms. Sexism, Racism, Homophobia, Xenophobia, Supremacy and various other entrenched reasons that some people have more human rights than others. There is a push back against this. A last stand. Those who feel they specifically don't have a better lot than they have had, are pushing back. Those who feel their specific interests aren't being given enough priority.

This won't change if the lot of others doesn't actually affect our reality. If the war in Sudan is just a side item that doesn't make the news. If we become numb to the number of people dying in Syria. The world is interconnected already. What we eat, wear, watch, listen to, learn and experience is deeply connected to others. Our history is deeply connected. Our family. Our friendships. What we do impacts others. What we do matters. If we don't make an effort to understand how people who think completely differently to use see the world, it is simply no longer okay.

We are better than that. We are better together.
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