Saturday, June 04, 2016

Zimbabwe (Saffron)

Zimbabwe or Rhodesia, this land is simply a stadium for One Man’s Big Dream. Or is it a Big Man’s One Dream? But who is new oppressed, in this recycled regime? Surely not the Whites (though the few remaining find their houses are crumbling around them and the pools all empty). We cannot compare them, now, to the Blacks of then. So, can we then compare the Blacks of then to the Blacks of now (those not driven in Bentleys)? Furtive, everyone. Like the rhino beetle curios you can buy there for $1; encased in Chinese plastic and staged as dung beetles rolling carefully constructed balls of shit. Nobodies buying it but, beneath his framed countenance, everyone’s a vendor.

Saffron Tyger
a friend from Cape Town

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