Saturday, July 02, 2016

Parties and Crosses

Clearly younger people need to put aside irritation with politics and get involved. I don't think this needs to be done by dividing into teams and throwing rocks at each other. There has to be a better way. Consensus can be built by making everyone feel that they have at the very least been listened to. I do believe you can make money by being a 'Contrarian Investor'. Putting aside emotion and analysing something so that you are able to go against the crowd when they are wrong (and you are right). Relationships are not contrarian. We need to be able to look after each other. Right/Wrong is fuzzy. Even if you think you know the solution, you also have to think of the path to that solution. People have to come along for the journey. It isn't just about being right. It is about Community Building. That is a politics I could believe in. The politics of people. Voting should be a last resort, not a starting point. We shouldn't be defined by parties and crosses. We should be defined by each other.

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