Saturday, August 06, 2016

Kenya (Stephen)

When many people think of Kenya, they think of safaris, the big five, wildebeest migrations, the snowcapped Mount Kenya, and golden tropical beaches. However, in addition to these stunning natural attractions, Kenya also boasts a warm and friendly people, determined to build a strong and prosperous nation. The country has had its share of problems since independence from Britain in 1963, including corruption, tribal conflict and terrorism. But through resourcefulness and determination the economy, education levels and standard of living are steadily rising. Through marriage, I am lucky enough to have an extended Luo Kenyan family, who consider me one of their own, and many of my best moments are shared with them.

Stephen Holt
Friend, former colleague, Global Citizen and moustache grower extraordinaire
We had a 'Bring and Braai' conversation, and he has written on 'Kigali' and 'Lithuania'

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